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Our Strategic Partnerships with capital market, technology and product providers maximize our value in our services for our clients.

Carol Kinsey Goman Ph.D., Consulting Partner

Kinsey Consulting Services is a California-based coaching firm with two specialties: 1) assisting executives as they craft and deliver key messages, and 2) helping managers prepare for senior leadership roles by increasing their leadership presence: the ability to influence and impact others by projecting confidence, credibility, composure, caring, and charisma. Carol Kinsey Goman, Ph.D., president of Kinsey Consulting Services, is an international keynote speaker for corporations, conferences, universities, and government agencies. She is an authority on the impact of body language in the workplace (Body Language for Leaders, Body Language for Women Who Lead, Body Language that Sells!). Other popular programs include Leadership Presence and The Power of Presence for Women Who Lead -- both of which are filled with practical strategies to more positively and powerfully influence others. Her clients include corporate giants such as Consolidated Edison, 3M, Federal Express, Fluor, General Electric, Bayer Pharmaceutical, DuPont, S.C. Johnson, Chevron, AT&T, Consolidated Edison, and PepsiCo. She is a leadership contributor for Forbes, the creator of “Body Language for Leaders” (LinkedIn Learning’s popular video course with over 2 million views), and the Author of "The Silent Language of Leaders: How Body Language Can Help - or Hurt - How You Lead.” Her newest book, “STAND OUT: How to Build Your Leadership Presence” is available on Amazon.



Ducen IT helps Business and IT users of Fortune 1000 companies with advanced analytics, business intelligence and data management through its unique end-to-end data science platform called Analance. AnalanceTM is a self-serve advanced analytics platform that allows users to prepare, manage, model, and visualize data from a single platform. Key platform capabilities include advanced analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, data management, visualization, and reporting. Built with business users and data scientists in mind, Analance models data with pre-built or custom ML algorithms for critical decision making.



Qmarkets helping organizations transform ideas into results against multiple business challenges, from disruptive innovation to continuous improvement to digital transformation.

Topp Tactical Intellegence Ltd

TOPP Tactical Intelligence Ltd is an operational excellence consulting company who provide digital solutions to integrate KPI management into Management processes.